A guide to the most unbelievably beautiful villages in Puglia, Italy

Alberobello village, in Puglia Italy

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Most beautiful villages in Puglia, Italy

Nestled in Italy’s southern “boot heel,” Puglia is a hidden gem overflowing with charming villages, sun-kissed coastlines, and a laid-back Mediterranean vibe. Puglia’s stunning landscapes and authentic Italian experiences stole my heart when I first visited in 2019. Since then, I’ve been returning every other year, and on every visit, I discover more things to fall in love with.

If crowded tourist destinations aren’t your style, let me introduce you to five of Puglia’s most beautiful villages, each guaranteed to steal your heart. Get ready to feel enchanted.


Prepare to be smitten by the ”White City” of Puglia! Ostuni’s gleaming whitewashed houses spill down a picturesque hilltop, overlooking a sea of silvery olive trees that stretch all the way to the sparkling Adriatic. Get lost (in the best possible way!) in its maze of narrow streets where every corner reveals hidden cafes and shops. Ostuni is pure Puglia, the kind of authentic Italian charm you crave. Whether soaking up those panoramic views or sipping an Aperol Spritz in a sun-drenched piazza, Ostuni is what travel dreams are made of.


Picture this: a hilltop village with whitewashed houses, each topped with a pointed roof like something from a storybook. That’s Locorotondo, a true hidden gem in Puglia. Wander its peaceful streets overflowing with flowers and take it all in – those stunning views of the Itria Valley, the architecture unlike anything you’ve ever seen, the feeling that you’ve stumbled onto a secret the rest of the world hasn’t discovered yet. This is what authentic Puglia feels like. Bonus points: Locorotondo is officially one of “Italy’s Most Beautiful Towns” – and trust me, the title is well-deserved.  Make sure to visit the Santa Maria della Greca church while you’re there, it’s an absolute beauty.


There is no list of Puglia’s most beautiful and charming villages that doesn’t include Alberobello. Wander through its narrow streets and prepare to be transported to another world. Whimsical cone-shaped houses, called trulli, line the way. The trulli are crafted from cool, silvery limestone that seems to shimmer in the Puglia sunshine. These aren’t fake facades; they’re UNESCO World Heritage Sites built centuries ago. Alberobello’s unique charm will leave you breathless—it’s like stepping back in time and into a story you never want to end.


Sea breezes, a sun-kissed harbor, and streets filled with the tempting scent of fresh seafood – that’s Monopoli, a seaside gem that oozes authentic Puglia vibes. Start with a stroll along the promenade, soaking up those views. Then, get happily lost exploring the historic center. Every corner reveals hidden alleys filled with charming shops and restaurants where you’ll taste amazing fresh seafood. Monopoli delivers an unforgettable Italian escape if you’re craving laid-back coastal magic.

Polignano a Mare

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Polignano a Mare, one of Puglia’s most beautiful villages. Here, the turquoise Adriatic Sea meets dramatic limestone cliffs. Discover hidden coves nestled below a town seemingly sculpted from the rock itself. Feel the sea breeze on your face and marvel at panoramic views sure to take your breath away. Polignano a Mare is the kind of place that stays with you long after you leave.

Bonus: Matera

Okay, the mesmerizing town of Matera might not technically be in Puglia, but trust me, it’s worth the detour! In Matera, time stands still. Here, ancient dwellings known as “Sassi,” carved directly into the hillside, create a labyrinth of history unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Step back centuries as you lose yourself exploring this UNESCO World Heritage treasure. And trust me, you’ll be glad you made Matera part of your Puglia adventure.

Now that you’ve discovered the most beautiful villages of Puglia, it’s time to start planning your adventure! Remember, the joy of exploring this region is in the unhurried moments: sipping coffee in a sunlit piazza, savoring a long lunch with fresh seafood, or getting lost among the enchanting streets of these unique villages.

Have I convinced you to book your flights there ASAP? Between the enchanting villages, incredible food, and the kind of vibes that make you want to linger forever, this is one Italian adventure you won’t soon forget. Remember, Puglia’s all about that slow travel magic – so embrace it, and let this stunning region steal your heart.

Here’s how to make your Puglia dream a reality:

Getting There: Airports in Bari and Brindisi offer the easiest access. For a truly scenic route, consider flying into Naples and taking a train or renting a car to drive down the breathtaking Amalfi Coast.

Getting Around: A rental car gives you the most freedom, but trains and buses are viable options for those comfortable with public transportation.

Visiting Tips:

  • Pace yourself: Resist the urge to cram in too much. Puglia rewards those who linger and take it slow.
  • Foodie Paradise: Sample local specialties, from simple orecchiette pasta to creamy burrata cheese, and don’t forget the olive oil!
  • A Little Italian Goes a Long Way: Even basic phrases like “Buongiorno!” or “Grazie!” will be warmly received.
  • Best Times to Go: Shoulder seasons (spring and fall) offer ideal weather and smaller crowds.

Puglia awaits. Let its stunning villages, warm hospitality, and slow-paced charm steal your heart like they stole mine.

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