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Turn your passion into a full-time influencer career, inspire your community, and get paid to live your most fulfilling life

Maybe your day job is "fine".
Maybe you'll stick it out for just a little bit longer... But here's the truth:

The minute you start asking, “what am I DOING with my life?!” is exactly when it's no longer an option to NOT follow your passion.

And sure, you’ve been dipping your toe into “the influencer thing,” or maybe you’ve even managed to land a few brand campaigns here and there. 

...But most days, you’re barely halfway through the never-ending workday of Zoom calls when the algorithm defeats you – yet again.


And if you’re being honest with yourself, you’re kinda over attempting to revamp your struggling hashtag strategy, or watching yet another free webinar that shares the most basic tips -- as if you’re not already “creating content!” or posting frequently! 

And you’re DEFINITELY over spending yet another too-short lunch break trying to find the motivation to write your IG caption, wishing you could set your own hours and use your creativity on a daily basis. 

Wishing someone would just tell you HOW to fix your page so you can increase engagement and see actual growth in both your following and career. 

(Like those consistent 5-figure brand campaigns other influencers seem to win so easily).

say no more i'm in → 

Because deep down, you KNOW you’re meant to inspire others by following your passion – and living life to the fullest.

So let’s leave the meeting-about-a-meeting calendar reminder behind...

and imagine what it would feel like to:

✔ Grow a business that fills you with a deep sense of purpose

✔ Set your work hours to a schedule that fits YOUR personal lifestyle

✔ Wake up to multiple paid campaign emails from brands

✔ Know exactly how to seamlessly navigate a paid collab – from pitching to deliverables, you’re on top of it

✔ Confidently pop onto an Instagram Live sans camera-anxiety, knowing your audience will show up for you

✔ Get so laser-focused on your niche and serving your audience that your engagement TRIPLES

✔ Understand how the algorithm will work FOR you when you hit that “post” button

✔ Stay in luxury hotels (or glam camping sites, if that’s your happy place) as part of your job

✔ Have a career that’s EVEN MORE INCREDIBLE than you envisioned

... Sound too good to be true? It's not. Listen to what my student community has accomplished in a matter of months:


The Influencer Mastercourse

A crystal-clear blueprint that teaches you tried-and-true strategies to create scroll-stopping content that grow your followers AND your bank account (by the thousands)

Consider it your one way ticket to going from “mayyyybbe a side-hustler” to
“FULL-TIME influencer, baby!”

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How quickly can your life change? Hear what my students are saying just MONTHS after signing up:

I implemented the strategy into my Instagram and in January this year, I had a Reel get 8 million views.

 I went from 1,500 instagram followers to about 15,000 in about 3 weeks ... Catarina shared her invoice and email pitch template and I used all that to pitch two different clients - and that’s how I ended up with my very first client. 

After joining, my first big win was hitting 90K on TikTok, followed by 10K followers on Instagram

Before I didn’t know how to negotiate with brands or get deals - and now that I do, the course pays for itself. ... Don't be afraid to invest in yourself. You are going to gain so many resources and a community that's going to help you."

I made back my investment within a month. I grew 80K in less than 3 months living my dream life in Bali.

I came across the Influencer Mastercourse when I was still working a 9-5. If you're on the fence about joining this course or really taking a step towards the life of your dreams, don't be - don’t give up on yourself."

Kat B.

Sally T.

Kevin D.




What's Inside the Mastercourse?

The Influencer Mastercourse takes you through the entire journey of becoming an influencer for 2021 and beyond. From better photos to paid campaigns, from more engaged followers to a deep understanding of the algorithm - you’ll learn both the creative and the business side required for an influencer career.

Getting into the Right Mindset

Module 0

Set yourself up for success by developing a future - forward mindset:

✔  Explore how to let your fears launch you forward
✔ Get comfortable confidently stating your expectations for your career
✔ How to use a growth mindset to move through imposter syndrome
✔ Open yourself up to the possibility of very. real. success.

Module 1

Be excited about who you are – and the unique value only you can provide:

✔  Get laser focused about your niche and your Zone of Genius (AKA what your audience will constantly DM you about)
✔  Establish a strong personal brand online (you’ve def got one!) 
✔  How to write a bio that attracts your DREAM following – and how to communicate with them!
✔  The 3 different IG accounts that exist – and which one your biz needs
✔  Develop the foundations of your personal strategic content creation plan

Establishing a Personal Brand

Decoding the Algorithm

Module 2

Instead of buying into the IG “popularity contest” game, let the data work for you: 

✔ How the algorithm ACTUALLY works – and why there’s so much confusion about it
✔  The 3 algorithm phases that will take your posts to the Explore page
✔  3 crucial factors of high-ranking photos and videos

Module 3

Design visual content that’s inspiring, personable and genuine:

✔ How to take incredible photos and videos without having to buy a fancy camera  
✔ Pick the RIGHT clothes for a photoshoot (and why this matters)
✔ The secret to my most-liked photos (hint: it’s all about the set-up)
✔ Cut down your editing time by using my editing process and presets
✔ Stand out with advanced editing techniques using Lightroom

Mastering Photography

Creating Quality Content

Module 4

Create a cohesive, authentic feed that keeps your followers coming back for more:

✔ How to write captions so readers feel like you’re personally speaking to them
✔ Batch out a month’s worth of content – in 1 weekend
✔ Make the content creation C3 Method your own
✔ Discover the strategy to long-lasting success, and how to move through trends and seasons
✔ Plan your feed without anxiety about the layout 

Module 5

Turn first impressions into long-time followers and reach the right audience (without resorting to sleazy tactics):

✔ A step-by-step guide on how to execute 9 growth strategies to reach MORE people organically in 2021 and skyrocket your followers
✔ How to get consistent exposure with hashtags
✔ 4 controversial ways to gain followers (I don’t suggest them - But I want you to know what’s out there) 
✔  **NEW** How to create viral Reels to jumpstart your growth

Implementing Growth Strategies

Building an Engaged Community

Module 6

Why building a community (vs just followers) will ensure your long-term success

✔ The 4 engagement strategies you’ll want to start today
✔ Discover what to post and when… and why it matters
✔ 14 psychological triggers to encourage likes, saves, shares and DM’s
✔ 4 strategies to make your Stories more interactive
✔ How to become an IG Story Master (and get totally comfy on camera!)

Module 7

Make your passion project or side hustle fund your life full-time:

✔ When you should say no to brands – and why
✔ How to create a killer media kit that labels you as a VIP
✔ Navigate press trips in a way that make brands BEG you to come back
✔ Learn how to diversify your income stream
✔ Use my best-performing email templates for pitching brands and hotels 
✔ The 7 types of brand partnerships, and how much to charge for each
✔ Find out when to get a talent manager


Understanding Data

Take control of your business, brand and future by getting ALL the information: 

✔ Feel confident looking at numbers – and know exactly what they’re telling you
✔ Data-driven strategies to move your biz forward
✔ Why generating performance reports could help you have your biggest month yet.

Module 8

This looks amazing. I want in! → 

"I’ve also partnered with a booking app and had an all-expense paid trip to Cancun! Through affiliate links, I’ve also made several thousand dollars! I am beyond thankful and I know I couldn’t have done it without Catarina’s help. I feel so much more confident now and have a much better sense of direction. With the private Facebook community and monthly lives with Catarina, I feel supported along the way!"


Since joining the Influencer Mastercourse, I’ve gained over 80k followers and have gone viral! 

IG @bernicepadilla // TikTok @trendytraveler


Before the Influencer Mastercourse I literally had no idea what I was doing


"I had just started my Instagram account. Since joining the course last November my followers have doubled and I had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with big companies such as Paul Mitchell, iDeal of Sweden, Desenio and many more. Being able to connect more with my audience and also work with brands has made me super happy!”

Nine modules full of strategies that actually work in 2021 and deliver real results:

"just post consistently"

might’ve worked as a plan back in 2016, but today’s world requires a more nuanced strategy.

One that enables you to look at your analytics and data clearly – and know how to use it to propel your growth. 

And that’s what makes The Influencer Mastercourse unique. Because you’re getting the same data-driven strategies used by top-level marketing executives at Forbes 500 companies. 

I should know, because I learned those strategies alongside them… 

I’m a full-time travel influencer and blogger with 50 countries in my passport and more than $350K worth of paid campaigns under my belt. 

(And before we go too much further, you should know I hate avocados. #sorrynotsorry)

But before I even got my first DM, I worked at Google advising high-level executives on their marketing strategy. Think big titles (CEO and CMO) and big-money campaigns. 

It was a “good” job, in the career path I was “supposed” to have. Sound familiar?

I felt suffocated and uninspired. 

So I took a last minute trip to Bali, and spent 10 days blissfully wandering through rice fields… until I remembered I’d eventually have to return. 

Hi, I'm Catarina

(to both my job and the never-ending question – “What am I DOING with my life?!”)

Wait, who am I? Why am I qualified to guide you on this journey?

I knew with my tech background, algorithm knowledge, and sheer determination to make a travel influencer career work, the life I craved wasn’t far off. 

Spoiler alert: everything I teach inside The Influencer Mastercourse is what allowed me to grow my Instagram from 0-320K, grow my Tik-Tok from 0-300K (in 3 short months!), and quit my corporate job because I was making more from social media. 

Since then, I’ve worked on campaigns with brands like Four Seasons, Hilton, Ritz Carlton, Airbnb, Hawaiian Airlines, Qatar Airways, Beautiful Destinations, Club Med, LinkedIn, Revolve, Japan Tourism Board, Visit Mexico, and more. 

I went from working FOR Google to working WITH Google. 

I’ve watched the Northern Lights bloom across the sky, experienced profound moments on a Tanzanian safari, soaked up luxury in hotels across the globe… and shared it all with an incredible community.

It’s the kind of freedom-filled life I see for you. 

It’s the no-limitations career I know you deserve. 



I’m including the following BONUSES:

TikTok Crash Course


Learn the ins and outs of going viral on TikTok. Apply the winning strategies of short-form video to Instagram Reels. Develop a multi-platform strategy for growth and monetization. Jump in at the perfect time to capitalize on these two huge growth opportunities!

(limited time offer)

$299 value

$129 value

My Exclusive Lightroom Preset Collection 


$150 value

My Luxury Hotel & Brand Collab Pitch Templates


$97 value

Three Customizable Media Kit Templates


$139 value

Influencer Business Starter Kit


(includes invoice template, project proposals, project recaps, and a contract checklist)

$800 value

Monthly 1-Hour Live Q&A with me


(inside the Facebook Community)

$250 value

BTS Look into the Day-to-Day of my Career as an Influencer


(via Stories shared with Close Friends only)

$180 value

Recordings of my Exclusive Interviews with Industry Experts: 


- Shea Oliver (PR Manager - Influencer Campaigns)
- Josh Watson (Head Talent Manager)
- Christine Wheeler (Blogging & Pinterest Pro)
- Shem Hooda (Micro-Influencer @sugarandstamps)


Access to Private, Exclusive, Members-Only Facebook Community


**Check out the video below to hear from current students about the incredible value of the community!**

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Don't get me wrong when I say the Members-Only FB Community is a "Bonus"...

It's one of the MOST integral parts of the Influencer Mastercourse experience. It's a support network that will be there to learn and grow with you, to help you overcome obstacles, and to cheer you on as the wins come in. 
Don't take my word for it - see it for yourself:

Committing to the wild ride of a full-time influencing career takes a certain type of person. And when you invest in yourself like this, it needs to be 100% the right fit. 

The Influencer Mastercourse is for you if ...

→ You’re either a newbie to the world of Instagram or you’ve had some growth… but above all, you’re SO ready to skip 3 grueling years of trying every single free strategy you find on the internet. 

→ Plus, you know that a successful Instagram career isn’t JUST about getting creative – you want to learn everything you can about the business side as well. 

→ The algorithm has got you feeling defeated, discouraged and overwhelmed. You dream of a step-by-step program that will give you real results... and are willing to be coached and directed on new strategies (even if it’s a little out of your comfort zone!) 

→ You know you’ve got the content to land well-paid brand partnerships… but you’re lost on how to do so consistently. 

→ Having tangible data inspires you – and you’re interested in looking at the reality of where you’re at to understand where you need to go.

The Influencer Mastercourse: $2000 value

Bonuses: $1745+ value

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Ready to create the fulfilling life you deserve and be your own boss?

Here’s what you get when you enroll:


And I’m offering THREE different payment options:

Pay in-full now and save
Or enroll in one of the payment plans
**NEW option now available**

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Three Payments

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All prices are in USD. If you enroll in a multi-payment option, charges will occur today and at the same time in subsequent months until completion.

Need help ordering or have further questions? 

Email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

The Mastercourse Money Back Guarantee:

The Influencer Mastercourse is designed to give you all the tools you need for a full-time influencer career. 

I’m passionate about this course. Because as an online marketing expert with both the corporate and freelance professional experience to back it up, I know it will help launch your career to whatever heights you dream of. 

But you have to know it, too. So, I’m offering a guarantee:

If you’ve completed the course and all assignments, and are implementing what you’ve learned within 30 days, but haven't seen any results and still don’t feel like you have the clear, step-by-step strategy to support your full-time influencer status - then please reach out to 

I’ll insist on giving you a full refund. 
You can find all the complete details in the Terms & Conditions.

(pinky promise)

enroll now → 


Because spots are LIMITED. 

And since there’s only 1 of me and my team, I want to make sure every student has the highest level of support.

So doors WILL close as soon as all seats are taken. 
And I don’t know when I’ll be able to offer The Influencer Mastercourse again… and when I do, the price will be much higher.
You in?

Frequently Asked questions

but but but...

Click below for some answers to FAQs you may be asking

Isn’t the industry too saturated? I’m afraid I’ll never stand out.

That’s exactly why we cover mindset right off the bat – because it’s not too saturated. In the Influencer Mastercourse, I’ll show you how to find your unique voice – and what you bring to the table. 

Plus, immediately after mindset, we cover how to define and establish a strong personal brand that will make you stand out from the noise.  


The course is entirely at-your-own pace, so it’s up to you! You get immediate access to all modules so it depends on whether you prefer to take your time or implement as you learn. You can re-watch as many times as you need. 

That being said, the recommended time frame is 3-4 weeks, which comes out to roughly 2 hours per week. 


Absolutely – in fact I highly recommend jumping in now to snag your spot. Because once The Influencer Mastercourse fills up, I don’t know when doors will open again. And when they do – the price will be higher. (Ps – proud of you for honoring your available time!)

How am I supposed to grow with the algorithm?

SO glad you asked :) As your friendly, global algorithm tech gal, I can show you dozens of accounts growing RIGHT NOW in various niches. I know we sure love to blame the algorithm, but real talk: I can teach you IN DETAIL how to optimize the algorithm so it works FOR you. Plus, this course was created in 2020 and is jam-packed with strategies that work… for 2020 and beyond. 

Will this course work if I’m in a different industry? Travel’s cool and all, but it’s not really my passion…

Yes, yes and YES! Even though my niche is luxury travel, the strategies taught in this course work in ALL industries (including but not limited to fashion, lifestyle, wellness, fitness, small businesses, food and more!). Today, our community already has creators from a diverse range of niches - from travel and yoga to cirque performing arts and even quantum computing. And in every module, you’ll get real-life examples in several niches. That’s part of what makes my data-driven approach so different – numbers don’t niche (nor do they lie). 

How many followers do I need? 10K? 50K?

The Influencer Mastercourse goes from fundamentals to advanced strategies, so it will work for anyone from 0 - 100K+ followers. In our community, we actually have creators who started the course with everything from 0 to 300K followers.

If you’re just starting out, you’ll learn to build the foundations and strategies to put in place to see profitable growth right from the get-go. Also, keep in mind that micro and nano influencers are the BIGGEST thing in influencer marketing right now… and brands are literally falling over their feet competing to work with creators just like you. 

If you’ve been in this business for a hot second and have a good following, you’ll get incredible value out of The Influencer Mastercourse. I teach advanced strategies in every module, and you can benefit from each. If you’re already solid on your brand and content, you might find the modules on engagement strategies and monetization invaluable. 

How do I know this isn’t just ANOTHER “influencer” course?

I love and appreciate this industry and my fellow influencers. But friend, I’m not “just another influencer.” I'm an online marketing expert with over 6 years of experience advising top-level marketing executives at Forbes 500 companies. And I grew most of my social media following from 0 - 200K+ *while* working a demanding full-time job at Google. 

So The Influencer Mastercourse doesn’t just teach you the steps I used to grow an engaged audience of 500K+ followers on social media – it’s literally tried-and-true strategies that have had consistent results, time and time again. 

I’m not interested in selling you a high-priced course that’s only fluff, and I’m not interested in students who just want to be instafamous. I'm invested in helping those who are serious about making a career online. Your success is my success as an online educator!

Is this a 1:1 coaching program with Catarina?

Unfortunately, I can’t offer 1:1 coaching at this price point. But you DO get live Q&A’s with me in the private Facebook group once a month. I’m also VERY active on group posts as well.

What if I don’t want to quit my current job?

You don’t have to! The course is aimed at helping you make a full-time income from Instagram, but if you really love your day job and want two full-time incomes… The Influencer Mastercourse is for you too :) Unfortunately, I can’t offer 1:1 coaching at this price point. But you DO get live Q&A’s with me in the private Facebook group once a month. I’m also VERY active on group posts as well.

Will this work if I live outside of the US?What if I don’t want to quit my current job?

Absolutely :)

How long will I have access to the course?

As long as I’m around (didn’t you know influencers were immortal?! Kidding, kidding) and the internet exists – or a minimum of 24 months after purchasing.

Do you offer refunds?

If you’ve completed the course and all assignments, and are implementing what you’ve learned within 30 days, but still don’t feel like you have the clear, step-by-step strategy to support your full-time influencer status, you can ask for a full refund. 

Wait! I have more questions!

Great! Reach out to me and my team at and we’ll answer ‘em!

Ready to live


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