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5 Steps To Accelerate Your Instagram Follower Growth And Land Paid Brand Collabs 

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‍Inside this free class, I’m going over everything you need to know to get your influencer career off the ground - so you can stop putting your dream life on hold.

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Calling all Aspiring Influencers

Are you tired of endless work days, staring out the window of your 9-to-5 job, searching for the kind of motivation that another coffee can't give you? Wouldn't it be freeing to instead wake up in a king-size bed of a luxury hotel in Positano (that's paying you to stay there, btw), knowing your followers are about to obsess over the paid brand collab you just signed for next month?


My proven 3-STEP PROCESS TO LAND PAID BRAND COLLABS that exceed your 9-to-5 salary, even with a small following. Did I also mention all the free products, cool experiences, and trips? Yeah, those too!


 How to STAND OUT on Instagram with binge-worthy content that makes people hit “follow” and gets the algorithm on your side so your posts finally get the attention they deserve

How to STAND
OUT on Instagram

The VIRAL CONTENT FORMULA I used to grow my Instagram followers by 200k last year alone, so you can do it too (there has *never* been an easier time to grow than RIGHT NOW – so hop on soon!)



Lightroom Presets + Brand Partnership Guide

Just by showing up to this free training, you'll get two free bonuses: A pack of my exclusive Lightroom Presets and a Brand Partnership Guide with the top 10 Influencer Platforms you need to get on. 

Whether you’re time-crunched or you don’t feel super picture-savvy yet, my Lightroom presets (aka: filters) got you covered. Slap it on any of your pictures and voila – a professional-looking, drop-dead gorgeous IG feed is all ready for you!

And with my Brand Partnership guide, you'll be landing brand collaborations in no time. Because the smartest creators don’t wait for brands to approach them. They show up at places where brands are already looking for them – aka influencer platforms! This doc contains 10 of the most reliable ones that my students and I have used to land paid collabs. And the best part? They're completely free to join. 

Scoring your first brand deal is closer (& easier) than you think

After this class, you'll be ready to achieve results like these:

Paid partnerships and collabs with <2k followers

Landed a $5.7k brand collab

€2.5k in brand deals in a month

Left 9-5 after growing audience by 300k+

Paid collab with her dream brand

9 free luxury hotel stays with 3.5k followers

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I am Catarina Mello.

I grew my audience to over 1M followers across Instagram and TikTok and then quit my job at Google to be a full-time social media influencer. I now get paid to travel the world, stay in luxury hotels, and share other things I love from the comfort of my living room.

I've done over 100 brand collaborations, signing 5-figure deals with brands like Airbnb, United Airlines, Hilton, Samsung, Four Seasons, Marriott, Adobe, Google, Amazon and many more. Now I'm teaching you how to do the same with this free training!

Ready to turn your Instagram into a profitable business to live the life of your dreams?