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Why You Need a Blog

May 20, 2020

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Why You Need a Blog

Have you thought about starting a blog… you even have a great idea in mind- but you have absolutely no idea how to actually start one?  


Okay, so first thing- yay!  Blogging is FUN.  You get to put your words out there for everyone to see and you can basically talk about anything you want around a certain topic.  The best part about blogging- if you do it well, and do it smartly- you can actually make a living from it.  I’m not telling you to quit your job and grab your keyboard just yet- but that time can and will happen if you work hard.


The first thing you are going to need to do is pick somewhere to host your blog on.  There are lots of options out there but a few of my favorites are Bluehost, BigScoots, and SiteGround.  


  • Bluehost is the best for beginners.  It is not a huge investment (under $10), and your domain name and email are included in the price.  It’s also decently fast.  Which is good because everyone hates waiting for pages to load.  It’s also really easy to set up and can be easily done in a few minutes.
  • BigScoots comes with all of the features of Bluehost, except for the domain name.  That can be a drawback.  However, BigScoots handles more viewers faster and easier than Bluehost- so that is a consideration as well.
  • SiteGround has all of the same perks as BigScoots, but is slower than both of the other options and not quite as easy to work with.


If you are just starting, my personal recommendation is to go with Bluehost.  It has more to offer than the other two and the price can’t be beaten.


If you are planning to monetize your blog you will need to self-host.  Any of the three companies listed above are good for that.  They are a small investment- but it’s important that you think long-term.  If you choose a free site to host your blog on, it greatly limits your ability to make money from your blog.  


I know tech stuff isn’t easy for everyone, but I will always recommend to self-host.  Then you own your domain, your website, and all of your content.  This is soooo important.  Sites like Blogger and Tumblr are fun to use- but not if you want to make money on your blog and own your own content.  


So do your research and pick one of the above hosts.  There are many more out there- but these are definitely my favorites with the most benefits for the least amount of money.  Sadly, you have to sometimes spend a little bit of money to make money.


The big thing that you need to realize when you first start is that it is completely normal to feel overwhelmed in the beginning.  There are so many things to learn and it takes time.  Just don’t give up.  Do a little each day and keep learning.

May 20, 2020

Catarina Mello

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