The top 10 best fall destinations in Europe

May 27, 2020

Fall is right around the corner – and an amazing time to travel throughout Europe.  You’ll bypass the summer vacation crowds and find breathtaking beauty at every turn.  If you’re looking for the perfect travel destinations to find gorgeous fall beauty and to create beautiful photos and memories, look no further!  Here are the top 10 best fall destinations in Europe.


The streets of Amsterdam are a sight to behold in the fall.  You’ll want to bundle up and take a long walk or bike ride down the gorgeous streets, checking out all of the restaurants, shops, and hotels as you go.  You’ll find cafes with cuisine from around the world and a beautiful picture waiting to be taken around every corner.


Prague is another one of my fall favorites.  Make sure you book your trip before the first snow falls, which is usually around November.  Since you’ll be avoiding the summer crowds, make sure to check out all of the beautiful landmarks in the city such as Prague Castle on the Hill and the Charles Bridge – you’ll find much shorter lines and be able to add more to your itinerary for your trip.


Of course, Paris must be on your list of places to visit in Europe in the fall.  The season brings a new perspective on the already stunning views throughout the city.  Add fall photos of the Arc de Triomphe, The Eiffel Tower, and all of the beautiful cafes and restaurants throughout the city to your Paris photo collection for a gorgeous take on an already stunning city.


The beautiful, fairy tale town of Bruges is the perfect place to visit in the fall.  Everything slows down a bit from the busy summer tourist season, so you can take your time and enjoy the cute houses, beautifully lit streets, and gorgeous colors on display in this particular season.  Wander down the cobblestone streets and stop in cafes for a warm drink while taking beautiful pictures to add to your collection of the stunning fall foliage that embraces the city.


As is the case in most of Europe throughout the fall, you’ll find shorter lines to check out the usually-busy tourist destinations in Copenhagen.  The city is stunning in the fall with the trees turning brilliant shades of orange and red, providing amazing photo opportunities at every turn.  You’ll want to check out the Tivoli Gardens while you’re there – they are transformed into a magical Halloween experience in the fall, filled with people in costume and Halloween decor.


Edinburgh is another city that comes to life in the fall, yet is void of the usual summer crowds.  The always beautiful views throughout Edinburgh can be seen through a different lens with the unique colors and crisp weather of the season. The Farmer’s Markets in the fall are gorgeous and filled with beautiful displays of local fall harvests.  It’s the perfect time to visit the theater, check out one of the fun fall festivals, or even take in a long day of shopping and find gorgeous local pieces to add to your wardrobe.


If you’ve traveled to Munich before, you know that it’s filled with gorgeous outdoor attractions such as the Nymphenburg palace park and Luitpoldpark – and these places are even more stunning in the fall, with the vibrant fall colors adding an even warmer and inviting essence to the city.  Of course, you’ll want to check out fun events such as Oktoberfest if you happen to visit during the sixteen-day festival.  Take a bike ride through the city to see the beautiful foliage and stop to take pictures at the Olympic Tower or the Alter Peter for views that span the city.

The Italian Dolomites

While the mountain views of the Italian Dolomites are beautiful in any season, your breath will be taken away when the mountains are ensconced in the gorgeous colors of autumn.  There are many places to take in the views, but I highly suggest checking out the peaks of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Lago Di Braies, and Wuhnleger Pond.  Take the time to be awed by the beauty that only this time of the year can provide in such a magical location.


As is the case in all of these gorgeous places mentioned in this article, Barcelona is no exception to the beautiful fall colors that transform Europe in the fall.  You’ll want to grab some warm chestnuts from one of the many street vendors and check out a festival or two if you’re there in time  – especially the Barcelona International Jazz Festival.  Cool-weather, beautiful views and the finest jazz musicians will create an unforgettable experience and amazing photo opportunities that will take you back for years to come.


Last but not least on our list is Budapest.  Budapest is known for its beautiful parks and gorgeous historic districts and buildings that attract thousands of tourists throughout the year – but the fall only makes these locations even more striking.  Take beautiful photos of vibrant trees changing color throughout the city and you’ll definitely want to sample the food and warm drinks at one of the many fall festivals – especially the Budapest Wine Festival.  Before you leave, make sure you check out the outdoor pools that are open year-round all around Budapest, including the Szechenyi Bath in City Park!

Fall is an amazing time to visit Europe.  The summer crowds are gone for the year and locals have headed back to work – providing a better opportunity to see all the things you might’ve missed due to long lines and big crowds.  Prices for airfare and hotels are generally much lower in this season, giving you a chance to stay at a beautiful hotel or add an extra spot to your itinerary.  Autumn colors are the icing on the cake during this magical time.  Even if you’ve seen these cities at different times of the year, there’s no substitute for the beauty you’ll experience during the fall in Europe.


May 27, 2020

Catarina Mello

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