6 Charming Boutique Hotels in Positano

May 9, 2020

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6 Charming Boutique Hotels in Positano

Charming Boutique Hotels in Positano

Positano, Italy is easily one of the most beautiful places in the world.  A picturesque village nestled into the cliffside of Italy’s Amalfi Coast, there are adorable shops and fabulous boutique hotels all around you.  If you’re planning a trip to Positano, make sure you check out these charming boutique hotels before you go.  Book your stay and you’ll be on your way to the vacation of your dreams.

Le Sirenuse Hotel

This beautiful seaside retreat has all of the luxury and beauty you could dream of in a hotel.  Antique surroundings, Old World elegance, and breathtaking ocean views are just part of the package – the warmth and privacy take it to the next level.  The hotel features a spa, wellness center, oyster bar, and a Michelin-starred restaurant which all feature jaw-dropping views of the charming village and beautiful indigo speckled ocean.  The location is central and perfect for the starting point of all of your daytime adventures throughout the village.



Poseidon Hotel

You can’t go wrong staying at the Poseidon Hotel in Positano.  It’s one of the most charming boutique hotels in the village – family-owned and overflowing with unsurpassed hospitality.  This hotel also features a pool overlooking the cliffside and ocean, tucked into an environment that brims with Positano charm.  There is also a wellness center featuring an exquisite Turkish bath, an extensive buffet and an amazing Old World restaurant that serves dinner on the terrace in the summertime if you happen to be visiting during the season.



Villa Tre Ville

Villa Tre Ville is the very definition of luxury.  A sense of tranquil elegance can be felt from the second you walk into the 5-acre estate.  As with all of these charming boutique hotels, it boasts a beautiful view of the village, cliffside, and ocean and also comes with free access to a private beach.  Trust me, you’ll never want to leave!  Each room is perfectly decorated and unique – some with terraces and some even have private pool areas!  Make sure you grab a cocktail on the beautiful terrace during your stay – the views are simply incredible!



Hotel Eden Roc

My final recommendation for a charming boutique hotel in Positano is The Hotel Eden Roc.  The views here are incredible, and by far some of the best in Positano due to the panoramic view – it just goes on and on!  A terrace bar and pool create the perfect setting for an evening of relaxation and watching the sunset over the picturesque village. There is also a Turkish bath and sauna, and a hot tub overlooking the crystal blue ocean.  After a day of exploring the shops and sights of Positano, you’ll look forward to unwinding at this luxurious hotel.



Il San Pietro

Il San Pietro di Positano is another gorgeous boutique hotel in the village.  This 5-star hotel offers every bit of luxury you could ever want while traveling.  Relaxation is around every corner – there are two bars, a spa, a private beach, and a Michelin-starred restaurant.  One of the bars is located right on the beach – you’re definitely going to want to head there to end your day with a cocktail while watching the sunset over the sea.



Hotel Marincanto

Our final stop on this journey through beautiful and charming Positano boutique hotels is the Hotel Marincanto.  The location of this hotel can’t be beaten.  Located in the heart of Positano and surrounded by the best shopping in the village, you’ll never be without something to do.  When you’re done shopping for the day, you’ll want to relax in the infinity pool or have a drink on one of the terraces with amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea.



 Are you ready to visit Positano yet?  Have you visited one of these charming boutique hotels?  Let me know!  Screenshot this blog post and tag @professionaltraveler on Instagram and let me know!




May 9, 2020

Catarina Mello

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